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If you know of any other sites that should be included, sites that have moved or have closed, please mail me at koala@gel.com.au.

Sites that are **Koala Recommended** are marked with technologically unadvanced asterisks. I haven't had the chance to visit all these sites, so please don't assume I think a site is bad just because it's not **Koala Recommended**. If it's a crappy site, I'll probably say so. =)

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Lyrics-related Resources

To find answers to ticklish questions try visiting:

Alt.music.lyrics Resources
The Lyrics Bulletin Board -similar to a newsgroup and requires a Java-enabled browser.
The Lyrics Ring - well the name says it all.
The Lyrics Triva quiz.

Children's Songs:
**Frank's Homepage** - Disney lyrics and more. This is a great page - well-written, proof-read and very meticulous.

Judy & David's Songbook of children's songs
**Lullabies and Other Songs for Children** -great site - but has Dementedly Bright Teddy Icons.
**The Sesame Street Lyric Archive** - one of the best sites for children you'll see. I really love Tiny Dancer's web pages - they're always so comprehensive!
Scout Songbook
Songs for Children - currently a small collection.
WKN Kids Songs and Lullabies

International Music
Accueil - French Lyrics
Bienvenue chez Alain-Pierre - French Lyrics
Australian National Anthem - but of course
AustralianFolk Songs FAQ
Australian Songs FAQ
Chansons Francaises
El Mariachi
German Folk Songs
Giga's Dutch Song Archive
Herr Zahns supertolles deutsches Liederbuch
La Musique : Les Textes
Le's HomePage- Vietnamese lyrics
Mikhail Foursov's Home Page
Musica Popular Argentina
Russian Songs Lyrics
Songbook of Chilean, Spanish and Latin-American Music- over 9000 songs.
Turkish Music and Lyrics Homepage
Vietnamese Lyrics Page

Chinese Lyrics

Chinese music is highly under-rated in non-Asian countries. Here are a few great sites. You'll need a browser that can read characters.:

Asian Singers
Super Chinese Lyrics Pages
Winnie's Corner on the Web
**Faye Wong's Cyberlink** - one of the most popular female Chinese vocalists today. If you like the Cranberries, the Sundays, Cocteau Twins or Tori Amos, you'll love Faye. =)

Spanish Lyrics (links provided courtesy of Salvador)
Letras de Bruce Springsteen
Colegio uruguayo
Letras de Mocedades

Christian Music
I'm actually an atheist, fanatical only about music and chocolate, but I've received some requests for links to Christian music sites, so here they are:

Larry's Songs of Praise and Worship- Larry wrote these himself.
New Jeruselum Music
Re-versed Lyrics - Christian lyrics sent to popular tunes.

Christmas Songs:
**Christine Hill's Christmas Songs Site**-beautifully presented page. Over 500 songs.
Christmas All the Year Round - somewhat didactic page
Christmas Songs
Christmas Songs

Country Music:
Blue Grass Song Book
More Blue Grass
Brian Littlefield's Country Music Lyrics page
**COWPIE**  (COuntry & Western Pickers of the InternEt)
John Denver Site with Lyrics and TABS - an excellent page
New Insurgent Country Lyrics
Sicotas Country Lyrics

Folk Music:
**Poetry and Music of the War Between the States** - a lovely, if somewhat politically slanted page containing songs and poems of the Civil War.
College Fight Songs - 300 songs and more.
**Digital Tradition Folk Song Full Text Search** - an archive to end all archives, AND you can download a copy for yourself!
Folksong Index / Volkslieder Verzeichnis
The Gaelic Song Archive
The Gospel Music Archive
Rats in the Haggis - strange songs
Scottish Song Lyrics

Musicals 'n Operas
**Libretto to Les Miserables** - was an EXCELLENT page. Sadly - it was shut down.
Libretto to Miss Saigon
Westside Story
Wizard of Oz

The Aria Database
Cantaria- songs from the middle ages and renaissance
Emily Ezust's Lieder Page
Music I love - A must visit for all musicals lovers.
**Lyrics and Libretti** - EXCELLENT page
Middle English Lyrics
**The Musicals Home Page** - a very informative page with lyrics and info
Opera Glass
OperaWeb Home Page- libretti and you can karaoke to your favourite arias. =)
**Public-Domain Opera Libretti and Other Texts for Classical Music** - seems to be down.
Rebecca's Lyrics Page - mostly showtunes.
Tower Lyrics Archive - lyrics for several musicals - ASCII format

Old But Cool

Rabid Squirrel's Jazz Lyrics
Rabid Squirrel's Jazz Lyrics Links - links to sites with jazz/blues songs and old standards

Popular Requests:

You know the sort - the ones that are requested to death, and also have such a huge collection that they are almost a genre in themselves.

Apple Scruffs Beatlyrics Homepage
The Spanish Beatles Page - interesting concept
**Great Jewel Page**
Dillinger's Shania Twain Site- great lyrics section
Whitney Houston Lyrics

A Tab In The Ocean

TV Lyrics
Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File
The Home of Television Theme Lyrics
Ranma 1/2 Lyrics Archive
Robotech Perfect Soundtrack Lyrics

Timely Lyrics - ok, you know the sort. These are the sites that specify a certain 'time' eg everyday lyrics, weekly lyrics, lyrics for when you're sad etc.
Lyrical Geniuses - when you're searching for that phrase
Lyrics of the Week
Meaningful Lyrics Area - for when you want to be meaningful

Themed Pages:
These are those pages where there is a central theme linking the songs.

**Songs for Sonny and Brenda (General Hospital)** - peculiar idea, but a nice selection of songs
Viking's Guide to Radical Lyrics on the Web - cool idea. Revolutionary songs and that sort of thing.
Liberator: The Songbook - rousing, inspirational themes?
Crap Lyrics of the Week
Virtual Filksong

General Lyrics Sites:

A to L
M to Z


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