Koala's FAQ

Lately I've been receiving a lot of e-mail. No idea why the web-site is getting so many hits lately, but I thought it might be prudent to put together a FAQ.

General Section of the FAQ

Do you think that you're so important that you deserve a FAQ?
Nope, it's a purely admin thing.

Why do you run websites?
Why not?

Do you get any money from running the websites? If not, why would you want to?
I get no money from running websites. I believe in the Internet philosophy of a free flow of information for free. The Internet is a great way to share information, and I like to think that I'm making my own contribution (if insignificant contribution) to that flow. Money isn't everything and despite what we learn in the legal world, there are some things that don't have a price tag. OK that sounds incredibly cheesey I know, but I do mean it! Please refer to "phrases guaranteed to piss me off" below ....

Do you have a life?
Depends on your definition of a life I guess. I'm quite busy during weekdays. I try to manage to meet friends for dinner and a movie, I try to read books and listen to music and then I like to rest on the weekends. Every few Saturdays a group of us in Sydney used to meet up for too much Thai Food, too much dessert and Harry Potter trivia. *Grin*

Do you intend to ever get a life?
Into everyone's life there must come a SeaChange at some point.

What phrases are guaranteed to piss you off?
There are a few:

- You need to get a life / You need to get out more

- You have too much time on your hands

- I worry about you

- You spend too much time on the Net

- You shouldn't spend so much time on the Net - the telephone is better

- It's just a book / It's just a movie / It's just a song / It's just a tv show

- You're obsessive

- I never see a movie more than once / I never read a book more than once

I've been in HK for 2+ years now. I have a few Hong Kong-specific phrases I would like to add to my list of phrases guaranteed to piss me off

- That's old (special exception for Vincent) / that's very gweilo

- Why do you do x when you don't get paid / why do you do x when you get nothing in return?

- "├ĘŻu" "chi sin" - means "crazy" or "nuts" in Cantonese and is used to describe me whenever I do something vaguely strange like get excited about a movie / book / song / tv show ....

Why do the above phrases piss you off?
Isn't it obvious? My life's my life - I lead it the way I want without harming others. I never attempt to tell other people how to live their lives. If I'm so strange and bizarre, then the people who ask the questions above should quit hanging out with me. It never ceases to amaze me how on the one hand people will shake their head and say I'm 'unique' with raised brows yet in the same breath want to have lunch / coffee / hang out with this certifiable weirdo. Don't give me that: "We mean it in an endearing way" crap. =) My dearest friends know I'm a fruitloop and are cool with that, the rest of you can just deal. Do I sound snotty? Well that's because I am! I love all of my friends - I love them because of who they are and I don't want to change them. Why can't other people be the same?

What else pisses you off?
- People who are two-faced

- People who crawl

- Being called "gorgeous", sweetness, "beautiful" or worse still .... "gorge". Basically I hate pet names - I have a name, I prefer people to use it. A particular hate is being called "babe". No one should call anyone babe unless they are talking to a cute talking pig....

- Kissy kissy stuff when greeting people or people who hug me when I am giving out a "Hug Me And Die" aura. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I feel huggy and will spontaneously hug people, but other times, I hate being enveloped in someone's overwhelming hug. :)

Are you single? And if so, why?
Actually I don't think I want to talk about this anymore. I feel like I've been discussing it to death lately.

Who is the One?
See my ramblings about Soulmates and "The One" for more information (offline for updating). At this point in time, let's agree that The One got hit by a bus and killed sometime ago. Or alternatively, my slightly gaunt, selfless French MSF doctor is busy doing good in some war torn country far away ..... *grin*

What would you have done if you could have done anything?
I would have become a doctor and I would have joined Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Why are you an atheist?
Lots of reasons that I don't intend to explore at this present point in time. For a thumbnail sketch, visit theological rants.

Are you a cynic or an idealistic dreamer?
A bit of both. It is possible to juxtapose those traits into the same Koala.

What do you look like?

May I see your photo? Will you put it online?
No. Sorry.

What do you love?
My family, my friends, books, music, chocolate, travelling, thinking Ridiculous Deep Thoughts, having coffee with friends.... the list goes on. Most of all it's my family and friends I love. I really appreciate the way they stand by me when I'm down. They're always there for me.

What are your worst faults?
I'm bad-tempered, judgmental, critical, impatient and not especially bright. I tend to get really obsessiev about things I like eg see my 2046, Good Luck and Hockey Night websites. I tend to be intolerant and sometimes I'm very bad at keeping in touch with friends. It makes it easier if they have email or are on Messenger. I'm also a huge social coward ...

Do you have any good qualities?
Maybe. Not a lot.

Why are there so many typos/errors in the lyrics?
I'm lazy and lack attention to detail.

I can't find anything at the site, your HTML is terrible. Can't you do a text search or some form of organisation?
Nope. Sorry about that. I'm very underdeveloped, HTML-wise. This is the best I can do. It reflects my disorderly disposition, I guess.

I've got a question about Easy Freedom.
I'm right ahead of you. Read my Easy Freedom FAQ.