Good news for Liz Berry fans!!!

You can now buy your own copy of Easy Freedom!!!!

How you ask? Liz Berry's old publishers were no longer printing any fiction, and had sold their children's and young adult list to Penguin who were not interested in printing again. I didn't know this but Easy Freedom never made it into paperback in English!!!! I can't believe how incredibly lucky I was to get a copy before.

Anyway, thanks to the interest on the Internet, Liz arranged for a paperback version to be printed and was sending it out to people who want to buy it! These days though, Liz has her own website and you can visit it and see if you can get a copy.

The even better news is that another book is (hopefully) on the way!!

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I hope that that answers must of your questions. Good luck with finding the book - I really enjoyed it a lot, although "Mel" is my favourite Liz Berry book. Easy Connections and Easy Freedom while very compelling, are both very uneasy reads that give me the creeps. I think Easy Freedom is the better of the two books though.

If you want to discuss the book further, please see the discussion board below. Actually, it's a Guestbook but it's the best I could do at short notice. *grin* Also check out some of the other correspondence I've received - maybe you can help these people out.

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