Koala's List of Legal Resources on the WWW

Law Firms
Allen Allen & Hemsley
Gilbert & Tobin - some good articles
Baker & McKenzie - Created by KennethJoe Galloway and Maria Chaw

Intellectual Property Links

Search AustLII for intellectual property legislation

International Arrangements

Berne Convention on protection of literary and artistic works
European Copyright User Platform
International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers
National and International Issues in Intellectual Property and Multimedia Paris Convention and PCT - Full text of Paris Convention and PCT etc
Patent Cooperation Treaty Information
Treaty on Intellectual Property with respect to Databases

World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
WIPO: International IP Treaties

Domain Names and IP Issues
Internet Names Australia (INA) - registering a .com.au domain name
Do a SEARCH of INA you see if the .com.au, .com, .net and .org domain is available
Network Solutions Pty Ltd - registering a .com domain name.  Check for availability.

High Profile Domain Cases:
fuck.com - legal implications of sexually explicit domain names
Goliath Slays David - MIT.edu (the famous University) forces mit.com (a small company registered since 1993) to change its domain name.
How We Got Colgate - Palmolive To Back Down - details the controversy over the Ajax.org domain name.
InterNIC Incompetence - Domain Registration Problems
Veronica.org- personal site of a toddler who's involved in a domain name dispute with Archie Comics.
Who can stake a claim in Cyberspace? - domain names & trademarks
Usenet - alt.domain-names.disputes

Trade Marks
Australian Trade Marks Database


10 Copyright Myths Explained
About Copyright
Arts Law Centre of Australia
Australian Copyright Council

Australian Intellectual Property Law Locus
Center for Democracy and Technology

Computer & Law Documents on copyright and software ownership - From the University of WA
Copyright Act 1968 (Aust)
Copyright Act (US)
Copyright Agency Ltd
Copyright and Software Licencing
Copyright and the WWW (from AusWeb95)

Copyright Archive
Copyright Clearance Center - Facilitates copyrights for documents distributed online
Copyright Convention (Cornell)
Copyright Convergence Group: Copyright in the new communications environment
Copyright FAQ (Usenet news) - US
Copyright issues for shareware software authors
Copyright Management Center

The Copyright Page
Copyright Website (US)
Fair Use and copyright
Foundation Law - Copyright and Intellectual Property
Guide to Copyright by Queensland University of Technology

Intellectual Property Resources on the Web: Mountain Man Graphics
Multimedia Content and the Super Highway: Rapid Acceleration or foot on the brake?
Ownership of Copyright in Traditional Literary Works Within Universities - From the Federal Law Review
Proposed Moral Rights Leglislation for Copyright Creators
SUL: Copyright & Fair Use

Davies Collison Cave Patent Attorneys

European Patent Office
Japanese Patent Info - Limited information from ISTA Inc.
Oppedahl and Larson Patent Law Server - contains frequently asked questions and answers on patent law and other intellectual property subjects
Patent Cooperation Treaty Information
Patent Links
Patent search

Pizzey's Patent Attorneys
US Patent and Trademark Office

STO's Patent Search System
United States Patent and Trademark Office - Electronic handbook containing information on how to register a trademark, fees, patent, libraries and more.

Technology and its impact on IP Rights

Charles Taylor's Intellectual property and Environmental Law
Cyberspace Law Center

CyberLegal Research - Forum for chronicling the evolution of law in cyberspace
Digital Technology Law Journal - a journal concerned with intellectual property law issues in the digital environment
Entertainment and Multimedia

Internet Industry Association of Australia
J. Information, Law and Technology
J. of Online Law
J. Technology Law & Policy
Law Technology Journal
Michigan Telecommunications & Technology Law Rev
Multimedia and copyright paper
Multimedia Law
Multimedia & Moral Rights
WWW Multimedia Law

IP Links
AIPO Decisions - AUSTLII

ANU Intellectual Property Policy

Australian Intellectual Property Law Locus
Australian IP Locus

Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners' Society (AMCOS)
Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA)
Cyberspace Law Center (US) http://fairuse.stanford.edu/ (US)
Franklin Pierce Law IP Center Home Page - Collection of intellectual property resources maintained by the Franklin Pierce Law Center and others on the Internet.
Includes basic US Trademark, Patent and Copyright Information and Links online by Thomas Field
House of Reps - Law Library - Intellectual property

IP Australia
Intellectual Property Branch - DCA
Intellectual Property Law J (Texas)
Intellectual Property Laws Quickguide
Intellectual Property Magazine
Intellectual Property Resources
Intellectual Property Resources via Hieros Gamos
Intellectual Property Resources via Findlaw
Intellectual Property Resources on the Web: Mountain Man Graphics
Intellectual Property Magazine
Intellectual Property Law J (Texas)
Intellectual Property and the US National Information Infrastructure
International Legal Protection for Software Update - 1996 from Fenwick and West - An intellectual property law firm. They have an annual publication, "International Legal Protection for Software", which reports on patent and copyright protection around the world.
Ladas & Parry Newsletter - law firm specialising in intellectual property.
Multimedia and copyright paper

New Zealand Intellectual Property Office
Oppedahl and Larson Patent Law Server

Contains frequently asked questions and answers on patent law and other intellectual property subjects

General Legal Links
Alan Davidson Law Links
Aust LawNet Law
Australian Legal Information Index
Bill's Law Library
Cornell Law Topic List
Electric Law Library by Inter-Law
Favorite Law Sites?
FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources
Internet Legal Resource Guide
Judith Bower's Canadian law list
Law [Galaxy]
Law [GNN]
LAWLinks by Practice Area
Law Schools [Yahoo]
LawLinks: The Internet Legal Resource Center
LawNet- Peter Farris Alphabetic Law List from LAWNET
Law Links: Counsel Connect Web
Legal Domain Network
Legal email discussion lists
Legal Links by Legal Dot
The Legal List
Legal Pad
Legal Resource Database
The Meta-Index (Law) Search Engine
NLA list of Australian law resources
P-LAW Legal Resource Locator
Ralph Losey's Law Web
Rutgers Law Links
Seamless Web - Law
Swarbco Law Index
UniServe law
USC Law Centre Index
Virtual Law Library: Reference
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Law