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My teeny little tribute to the fabulous jdorama "Good Luck"

My teeny little tribute to the fabulous jdorama "Long Vacation"

My teeny little tribute to the movie "2046"

Cat, Frog and Koala's pithy movie reviews

My Seachange Page - great Australian show and my favourite tv programme.

My teeny little tribute to "Hockey Night"

Blurb on Easy Freedom - I once posted a review at amazon.com and after that, I was deluged with queries. Good news for fans!

Koala's Recommended Reading

My page of Lyrical Links

Cat and Koala's "Music for a Purpose" Page - need music to suit a mood or a situation?

Caffeine - I get caffeinated several times a day.

Chocolate - ok, I'm an addict

Sinful desserts - is dessert your favourite part of the meal?

Medecins Sans Frontieres - in an ideal world, I would have become a doctor and joined them.

Reviews and Stories Page (updated 12 June 2001)

My Mini Georgette Heyer Page


My links to Legal Resources on the Web

Why did I pick law? - the reasons that people kick around for why they picked law.

Homage to the Moon - songs with the word "Moon"

Rabid Squirrel's Jazz Lyrics Archive

Shop till you drop at Amazon.com - I know I do! It's lots of fun.  If you need to check out the prices, try the The Universal Currency Converter(tm)

Curious about who the hell I am still? No idea why you would be, but there's a Koala FAQ.